Pupil Premium

Finchingfield Academy Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure: Financial Year 2020/2021

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on roll69
Total number of eligible pupils for PPG12
Amount of PPG received per pupil8 x £1,345 4 x £310
Total amount of PPG received£12,000
How the PPG grant was spent in the academic year 2019/20
A number of intervention support strategies for individuals and groups that include: 1:1 specific support, phonics, Early Literacy Support, Further Literacy Support, 5 minute box, Numeracy Support, Speech and language skills and Emotional Support.
We provided additional LSA support time for the development of basic skills and to help close the attainment gaps and daily support with emotional needs.
This grant was used to resource and staff the above interventions.
In addition to this we supported financially the access of class visit/visitors, residential learning, enrichment visits and extra-curricular clubs.
The Impact of PPG spending in the academic year 2019/20
We measure the impact of these additional interventions through our school assessment tracking system. Interventions are carefully chosen by the class teacher in consultation through pupil progress meetings with senior leaders and the inclusion manger. if expected progress is not being made by the pupil then the intervention is changed.
At the end of Key Stage 2 2020, of our known eligible children for free school meals, 100% achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths.

Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure: Financial year 2019/2020