Bee Art

This week in Class 3, we welcomed the Year 5’s to join us in learning all about bees and their importance to our world. The children created a fantastic piece of artwork, using oil pastels to design a hive. It has been a pleasure teaching you Year 5. Thank you for being great role models…. Read more »

Finchingfield Guild Hall Trip

Yesterday (04.03.22), Class 3 visited Finchingfield Guild Hall. We would first like to say a massive thank you to Deb, Des and Paul for having us. The children were taught about the history of Finchingfield as our topic is ‘Exploring Essex’. They then had a chance to investigate the amazing artifacts that were found in… Read more »

Aztec Masks

The children have made Aztec masks and they look amazing. First, they had to paper mache a balloon and let it dry. Then, they created a mosaic to represent a pattern.

W/C 14th March 2022

A fantastic week of learning and still more to come! Over the last couple of weeks, the children have learnt lots about South America and the Aztecs. They have designed and made Aztec Gods in DT using clay in which they will bring home at the end of term. In Geography, the children have been… Read more »

W/C 21st February 2022

Welcome Back! The children have came back to school with a fantastic attitude towards their learning. They are enthusiastic about our new topic ‘Angry but advanced South Americas’. In English, the children have been reflecting on their journey so far in Class 3. They have therefore, written a one-page summary about their learning thus far…. Read more »

Fruit Kebabs

As part of their learning, the children have been learning to create their own food menu in English persuading their customers to visit their restaurant. Additionally, in maths, we have focused on money when handling change and finding the smallest possible way to make an amount. The children made fruit kebabs today in which they… Read more »

Our Trip to Zafra Bar and Restaurant

This morning, the children went and visited Zafra Bar and Restaurant. First of all, they were greeted by Frank and Leanne. They were then asked to make the dough for their pizza. Once they had made their dough, they had to roll it out. Next, the children put their own toppings on their pizza. After… Read more »

Week beginning 10th January 2022

The children have been having a great time learning the story of Little Riding Hood. They have enjoyed dressing up as characters and role playing and re-telling the story using puppets. The children have been busy learning how programming the Bee-Bot to get from Little Red Riding Hoods house to Grandmas. In Science the children… Read more »

PE (Gymnastics)

This week within Physical Education, the children have been learning a variety of skills and techniques in gymnastics. We focused on travel and movement, speed and learning three jumps (standing, star and tuck). Next week, they will be learning some more jumps and leaps! Take a look at their sessions.

Hocus Pocus Day

What a fantastic day the children have had! Myself and Miss Raymond would just like to say how brilliant the children were today. Their costumes looked amazing! The day consisted of a range of activities such as cooking, potion making and Quidditch with a twist. The children can tell you all about it! Take a… Read more »