Week beginning 5th July.

It has been a very busy and exciting week in class 1. The children have been busy creating their own maps of Finchingfield and I have been extremely impressed with the details they have included. They then, used the maps to make comparisons between Finchingfield and The Isle of Struay. Thanks to the PTA all… Read more »

WB 10th May 2021

Another exciting and busy week which saw Class 3 continuing to make their moving creature models. We have completed the frames and are working on a variety of cams to ensure the parts of our creatures move. In Science we designed and made boats, thinking about the effect of water resistance on our boats. We… Read more »

Week beginning 3rd May

Good afternoon, Here is a snippet of some of our learning this week. We have all made our own unique mini-beast from clay which we are leaving to dry so we can paint them next week. In science we have been learning to sort and classify animals. This week we learned herbivores only eat plants,… Read more »

This week in class 1.

Good Afternoon, This week class 1 have been busy weighing different objects in the classroom. They have had great fun comparing which objects are heavier or lighter using the balance scales. They even investigated finding out the weight of some objects using non-standard units such as multilink cubes and 1 pence coins. As well as… Read more »