Week beginning 1st November 2021

To start this half term we have participated in ‘Safety Week’. We have been learning about how to stay safe in a variety of situations and have designed and created posters to help others to stay safe. We visited Class 3 and taught them all that we had found out about staying safe. Our posters… Read more »

Week beginning 18th October 2021

This week we have been writing a ‘Care Guide’ for a Cerberus or our own imaginary mythical creature. Here are some examples: Food: Keeping a Cerberus well fed is a key role. They need a ton of fresh meat; not those puny chicken nuggets you get from McDaedules. Fridges R Us provide a perfect meat-holder…. Read more »

Week beginning 11th October 2021

We finished our Greek urn artwork this week, ask us how we designed and produced such effective artwork. We have begun to create our own Greek sculptures. We either used Modroc or clay to create our creatures. Next week we will paint them. In German we have been learning to understand some classroom language. We… Read more »

Week beginning 4th October 2021

This week we finished our non-chronological information texts about an imaginary mythical creature. Having researched Greek mythical creatures and listened to numerous Greek myths we designed our own creature. These are a few of the results. We hope you enjoy reading them.

WB Monday 27th September 2021

This week Class 4 have started to write a non-chronological information text about a mythical creature they have imagined. We began the week looking at examples of this type of text to create success criteria to help us improve our understanding of this genre. We have discussed how to use semi-colons in our writing and… Read more »

WB 20th September 2021 ‘Life in Ancient Greece’ Day

What a fantastic day Class 4 had on Wednesday; we all dressed in costume and spent the day experiencing life in Ancient Greece. There were numerous activities available to try, including wax tablet and stylus making – so we can send messages then melt the wax to start again. Some of us made clay pottery,… Read more »

Week beginning 13th September 2021

Welcome back to a new academic year. We have had a great start to our year beginning discussing what we know about Greece and what we would like to find out about. Since we started back we have identified where Greece is in the world and looked at how the map has changed since the… Read more »

Week beginning 5th July 2021 – Class 3

An exciting start to our week when we visited Legoland, Windsor. The children enjoyed themselves immensely and were a credit to our school community. We enjoyed our Robotics workshop and were extremely adventurous with the rides we experienced. They finished the day with a visit to Drench Towers, where the water was ice cold! On… Read more »

Week beginning 28th June 2021 – Class3

Guten Morgen Class 3 had an exciting visit to our pop-up German café where they were able to experience the taste of German food. They used their German vocabulary to order a variety of different foods. A great time was had by all and some interesting tasters sampled. Vielen Dank to Frau Benton for organising… Read more »

Week beginning 21st June 2021 – Class 3

We had a great start to our week with author Catherine Emmett providing a writing workshop. The children know all about how a 12 page spread works and have planned their own story to this format. We look forward to her return visit next Monday to help us with rhyming so that we can begin… Read more »