Week beginning 26th April 2021

In Class 3 we have been continuing with our Raging Rivers theme and the children have produced non-chronological reports about a river of their choice. Some have hand-written these after using a variety of research methods and some have produced a word document using different skills to insert images and change fonts etc. These are… Read more »

Week beginning 19th April 2021

Well, what an exciting week we have had. We have been investigation air resistance and the children designed and made parachutes. They then investigated to see which design was the best by timing each design’s fall to earth. The wind caused some minor difficulties but with perseverance we succeeded. We have also been reading and… Read more »

The Big Ask

The Children’s Commissioner has launched the biggest ever consultation with children. Dame Rachel De Souza, Children’s Commissioner for England, has launched ‘The Big Ask’, the largest ever consultation with children undertaken in England. The survey is live until 19th May 2021 and asks children across England to set out their priorities for improving childhood post-Covid. The results from this… Read more »

WB 29.03.2021

Good morning, I hope you have had a pleasant Easter weekend and enjoyed the various weather experiences. I had all types of weather in one day, including snow! The children enjoyed a variety of Easter activities during the lead up to Easter, including a worship service provided by Chelmsford Diocese. As a result of this,… Read more »

Week beginning 22.03.2021

Class 3 have had an exciting week, we have begun investigating the effects of air resistance and have made a variety of parachutes. We will be testing these next week. In art we are continuing to use tissue paper to make collages of a river system seen from the air. This is taking us a… Read more »

Welcome back

We welcomed back all children on Monday 8th March 2021 and what a wonderful sight it was. Since then we have started learning about Raging Rivers, our topic for this term. We began by identifying linguistic devices used in poetry and studied a variety of poems about rivers. We then finished this unit by writing… Read more »

Learning Activities for Friday 5th March 2021.

It’s Friday! Hope you have had a good week and are looking forward to getting back in the classroom on Monday. Have a good weekend, relax and enjoy the weather. Home learning activities for today follow: English Learning Objective/Focus: Studying the vocabulary in The Highwayman, identifying different types of adverbial and writing a character study.     … Read more »

Virtual Assembly

Here is the link to this week’s assembly from Rev. Alex.  https://youtu.be/rt1RufhSgx4

Learning Activities for Thursday 4th March 2021.

Good morning, hope you are enjoying finding out about Japan this week. Learning activities follow: English Learning Objective/Focus: Reading The Highwayman and making notes about characters. Revising adverbs and adverbials and practicing identifying these. Main input: Watch The Highwayman PowerPoint or, if this is not possible, watch this video animation: Follow the words of the… Read more »

Learning Activities for Wednesday 3rd March 2021.

Good morning, the middle of the week again, how times flies. Hope you are looking forward to being able to join us in class soon. Learning activities for today follow: English Learning Objective/Focus: Reading a comic explanation and writing a similar piece.      Main input: Read Toaster Explanation. Cut out and put the sections in order… Read more »