Week beginning 19th April 2022

We have had an exciting start to this half term – our theme is ‘To the moon and back’. Presently, our English is focussing on Star Wars and we have written vivid descriptive pieces for the planet Dagobah, we intend to use this experience to improve our story writing skills and then we will be… Read more »

Week beginning 28th March 2022

Another busy week for Class 4. In Art we studied another artist from North America – Mary Cassett- who was an early female impressionist. We have some artwork in her style to share.

Week beginning 21st March 2022

Another exciting week in Class 4; we have started to write our own picture book and are in the process of publishing these. We look forward to sharing our results with Class 2 during a paired reading session. Art this week focussed on Jean-Michel Basquiat, we discussed his artwork and decided which painnting we would… Read more »

Week beginning Monday 14th March 2022

Another fun packed week! We have been continuing with our cricket and rugby lessons, playing a game of Kwik Cricket and French Cricket on Tuesday. Ask your children about their experience during P.E. sessions. We are enjoying our scientific investigations into irreversible changes and were amazed with the results when we added milk to vinegar…. Read more »

Week beginning 7th March 2022

This week we have been continuing to find out about The Amazing Americas and have been writing a biography for Pocahontas, these will be displayed in our classroom when finished. Our art sessions have been focussing on North American artists, so far we have looked at John Singer Sargeant, who painted full length portraits, Ansel… Read more »

Week beginning 28th February 2022

This week Class 4 have been out and about and had visitor in class. On Monday Reverend Alex came in to answer questions the children had prepared. Our ‘Big’ question this half term, in R.E., is ‘What difference does the resurrection make to Christians?’ and Reverend Alex visited to help us think about this. Our… Read more »

Week beginning 21st February 2022

Welcome back after the break, this half term our topic is ‘Amazing Americas’. The children have begun by sharing what they already know and locating both North and South America in the atlas. They are in the process of drawing the maps and identifying key cities. During English sessions they have been researching Pocahontas in… Read more »

Collaborative Art

The children participated in a piece of collaborative art and would like to share their finished artwork with you. They are extrememly proud of the result and would like to hang their masterpiece in a gallery. We hope you like it.

Week beginning 31st January 2022.

Another exciting week in Class 4, we have been investigating electricity (conductors and insulators in particular) in preparation for wand making. We have also investigated the difference between melting and dissolving. We have written and made our own version of the howler that Mrs Weasley sends to Ron in the second book. We have enjoyed… Read more »

Week beginning 24th January 2022

An exciting week with our topic ‘Hogwarts Express’. In Science we have been running an investigation to discover the best material we can use for Professor Snape’s new potion bag. The material needs to be a good insulator to keep his potions cool and prevent anything turning nasty! In Art we chose our Patronus and… Read more »