Monday 30th January 2023

Today we invited Reverend Alex in to answer some questions we had about the Old Testament. We were also learning how to pass and dribble a basketball and apply this skill during a game on Stisted outdoor area.


We have been learning how to use the correct features of explanation texts and apply this in our writing. We wrote about how the pyramids were built and used Lego to help us understand the difficulties that are associated with building pyramids. Photographs below:


We are designing and making Egyptian death masks using paper and glue. See our photographs:


We visited Stisted Primary Academy where we used their equipment to learn how to perform a balance on a frame and how to use a springboard. See our photographs.

Week beginning 5th December 2022

Class 4 have been investigating if materials are soluble or insoluble. We have been learning words associated with Christmas in German. We also enjoyed watching the pantomime on Wednesday. We are also enjoying our maths lessons.

Stansted Aerozone visit.

We have had a fantastic visit to Stansted Aerozone. We have discovered many interesting facts about the history, the running and the maintenance and upkeep of the airport. See our photographs:

Week beginning 28th November 2022

Another exciting start to the week, in Class 4 we have been investigating thermal insulators to help Fred, The Air Raid Warden, keep his hot chocolate or coffee warm through his night-time stint on the search lights. We have also been continuing to sew our teddy bears, ready for evacuation.

Week beginning 21st November 2022

This week Class 4 have enjoyed learning how to play the notes f and g on their pTrumpets. They are beginning to play simples rhymes and songs, for example: Hot Cross Buns. We are sharing the book Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo, looking at the adventures and lives of two boys evacuated during World… Read more »