Week Beginning 17th May

In Science this week we investigated Optical Illusions. Having looked at many examples, the children made Thaumatropes, which were popular in Victorian times. As part of our Victorian topic we also started to learn about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and the affect they had on nursing today . We are all looking forward to… Read more »

This Week

This week we have been learning about the types of jobs Victorian children were forced to do. Having watched power points and videos about coalmining, chimney sweeping, factory work, bird scaring and domestic service, the children were unanimous in their decision that they are better off coming to school! In music we watched “Who Will… Read more »

Building Bridges

Inspired by studying Isambard Kingdom Brunel as part of their Victorian topic, Class 2 has been designing bridges. Over the last two weeks they have been provided with different materials and a variety of success criteria, culminating this week with them being given free choice of materials to build a bridge spanning 30cm which could… Read more »

The Big Ask

The Children’s Commissioner has launched the biggest ever consultation with children. Dame Rachel De Souza, Children’s Commissioner for England, has launched ‘The Big Ask’, the largest ever consultation with children undertaken in England. The survey is live until 19th May 2021 and asks children across England to set out their priorities for improving childhood post-Covid. The results from this… Read more »


Dear Parents and Carers Please would you send all Class 2 children into school on Wednesday with a carrier bag so they can bring the things they have made, safely home. Many thanks Mrs R

A Busy Week

Dear Parents and Carers This term is flying past and it doesn’t seem possible there is only one more week before Easter. However we are enjoying the time we have and hopefully looking forward to a more normal summer term. I was impressed and delighted with the empathy and understanding the children demonstrated when writing… Read more »

This week

Good Morning Class 2 Parents and Carers I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are to have all the children back in school. Their enthusiasm and excitement about everything (even fractions!) brings smiles to our faces. I hope the children have told you that we are studying Victorians this term. We are… Read more »

Learning Activities for Friday

Good Morning Class 2, I am very happy to say that today is our last day of remote learning. Next week we will all be back at school together. It will be so great to see each other and say hello in person. Below are some learning activities for today. English Learning Objective/Focus: Story settings… Read more »

Virtual Assembly

Here is the link to this week’s assembly from Rev. Alex.  https://youtu.be/rt1RufhSgx4

Learning Activities for Thursday

Good Morning, I hope you had a great day yesterday. Enjoy any particular book? If you could be any character from a book who would you be? Why? Below are some learning activities for today. English Learning Objective/Focus: Non- fiction books   Main input Discuss how we retrieve information. What can we use? Identify the… Read more »