Special Visitor in Class 3

This week, a professional author came to visit Class 3. Mrs Emmett (a skilled author) writes various narratives for children. As Class 3 have been studying narratives and the structure of stories, Mrs Emmet taught the children how to do this. She spoke about how a story has a traditional beginning, middle and end. Mrs… Read more »

Miss Cackle’s Academy (Lego)

This afternoon, the children started to build Miss Cackle’s Academy out of Lego. Before starting, the children described what Miss Cackle’s Academy looked like. This was so it could help them gain an understanding when planning their ideas. They told me that the school had ‘narrow corridors’ and ‘grey-gloomy walls’. Take a look at how… Read more »

Safety Week

This week, the children have been learning to keep safe. They learnt how to keep safe online and how to keep safe with fireworks. Today, Class 4 came in and spoke to Class 3 about keeping safe. Class 4 discussed: road safety, online safety, firework safety, water safety, bullying and stranger danger with the children…. Read more »

ICT (Excel)

Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been learning to use Excel. They have identified what a cell, column and row is. They have also learnt to enter data into these cells, changing the font, font size and cell colour. Furthermore, the children learnt about bar graphs and they made their very own… Read more »

Request for cardboard boxes!

Dear Parents/Carers , Please can you bring in as many cardboard boxes for our DT project next week! Thank you, Miss Raymond and Mr Ladlow

PE today (Prisoner)

Today the children played a game called Prisoner. The aim of the game is to eliminate the opposite team by throwing the ball at them (below their knees) or catching them out. If you get hit or caught, you have to go to the ‘prison’. You can only escape the prison if one of the… Read more »

Viking Longhouses

Today, the children read about Viking Longhouses. The children discovered that the Vikings did not have windows in their homes as it was often cold in Scandinavia and therefore, they were trying to keep as warm as possible! Furthermore, the children also learnt that many Viking houses were made out of grass and driftwood! We… Read more »

Week Beginning 14th June

The highlight of this week was our trip to the Guildhall. Thank you so much for all the effort that was made to provide the children with an appropriate costume. They all looked amazing! We were welcomed to the Guildhall by two volunteers who spent the morning with us, showing us artefacts and telling us… Read more »

Week Beginning 7th June

Good Morning Everyone This week seems to have flown by! In English this week, having finished reading The Street Child before half term, we discussed the plot and the difficulties of Street children, in particular Jim Jarvis, who is the hero of the story. The children were then asked to come up with ideas for… Read more »

Week Beginning 24th May

We had a lovely start to the week! On Monday the whole school went to church to celebrate Pentecost. As ever I was very proud of all the children; they read their thoughtful prayers clearly and behaved impeccably. In Maths this week we have been measuring. Depending on age and experience the children have measured… Read more »