Week beginning 21st February.

We have been keen to start our new topic of Growing this half-term and the children have enjoyed finding out and talking about how humans grow. They have looked at pictures of themselves as babies and made comparisons between then and themselves now. They have used mirrors to look carefully at themselves and talk about… Read more »

Week beginning 10th January 2022

The children have been having a great time learning the story of Little Riding Hood. They have enjoyed dressing up as characters and role playing and re-telling the story using puppets. The children have been busy learning how programming the Bee-Bot to get from Little Red Riding Hoods house to Grandmas. In Science the children… Read more »

Week beginning 15th November.

As part of our colour and pattern topic, this week the children have enjoyed exploring different ways of mixing colours. In maths we have been busy representing and comparing numbers within 10. We have explored our feelings and the colours we associate with them through The Colour Monster in Literacy. We have also been very… Read more »

Week beginning 8th November

As part of our colour and pattern topic the we have been exploring the story of Elmer the elephant this week. They talked about how Elmer felt about being different and some of our own similarities and differences . They have practiced re-telling the story and identifying words with that have the initial sounds s,a,t… Read more »

Week beginning 1st November. As part of our topic this term ‘colours and patterns’ The children have enjoyed learning about the celebration of Diwali. They had great fun in participating in some Diwali traditions. On Wednesday the children made Coconut Ladoo a type of Diwali sweet made with coconut and cardamom. The children explored the… Read more »

Week commencing 27th September 2021

This week class 1 have been talking about where they live as part of our Marvellous Me topic. The children have had great fun building and making different places for people to live. They enjoyed using big boxes to make houses, bungalows a block of flats and even a castle before they became boats. They… Read more »