Week beginning 16th January.

Good afternoon. Class 1 have been very busy writing facts about dogs and using what they have learnt in their independent learning. After talking about where dogs live the children were all very keen to make homes for dogs. We need to feed dogs biscuits or meat and give them water. In mathematics we have… Read more »

Week beginning 9th January.

Class 1 has started it’s new ‘Toy Story’ topic this week. We have enjoyed reading the story and have spent this week focusing on Little Bo Peep. We have learned the nursery rhyme and used a picture of her to write some descriptions. In mathematics we have been exploring the composition of numbers. Some of… Read more »

Week beginning 27th November.

Class 1 have continued to enjoy their celebrations topic this week. They have learned about Hanukkah and how it is celebrated and experienced a game of dreidel. They have also been learning about Advent and how it is celebrated. In maths they have been exploring groups with more and finding 1 more than a given… Read more »

Week beginning 21st November

It’s been a very busy time in class 1 the last three weeks. We have been enthusiastic about our celebrations topic and have planned a birthday party for Barnaby Bear, taken Betty Bell the doll to be Christened and have learnt about how Diwali is celebrated. The children wrote the invitations, made the decorations and… Read more »

Week beginning 31st October.

This week has been safety week and class 1 have been busy learning how to stay safe when online or at a firework display, how to be seen in the dark and the importance of not to talking to strangers. In maths class 1 have been looking for and making patterns and exploring the composition… Read more »

Week beginning 10th October

The children have been enjoying their super vehicles topic this week. They have been busy exploring different types of vehicles and comparing some of the similarities and differences between vehicles in the past and present. They have been very busy creating junk model vehicles and they have demonstrated some good perseverance and problem solving skills…. Read more »

Week beginning 3rd October

This week the children have been learning about real superheroes and how they help us. They have been busy doctors and nurses in the role play. They had a visit from some real Police officers. They got to learn about the job of a police officer and even dress up in real police hats! In… Read more »

Week beginning 26th September.

As part of our Superheroes topic the children in class 1 spent the week talking about their families. They talked about different members of their families and considered how their family was similar or different from other families. They all drew amazing family portraits and they enjoyed making stick figures to show who they live… Read more »

Weeks commencing 12th and 19th September.

The last two weeks class 1 have been learning about their super bodies. First we learned the different parts of the body. Then we talked about our senses and which body parts are associated with each sense. We have also learned about the importance of keeping healthy. We have talked about eating healthy and sorted… Read more »