Week beginning 14th November 2022

Class 4 have been learning about Spitfires and their impact during World War 2. We have researched and presented information and designed our own Spitfire, which we are busy painting. We have also improved our blending skills using water colours and our cutting skills to create silhouette artwork.

Week Beginning 14th November

Wow! What a busy week in Class Two we have had! This week we have been looking at The Gingerbread Man.We began retelling our stories in small groups and then acted the story out as a class. Then we created story maps. In Science, we explored what would happen to a Gingerbread Man in different… Read more »

Week Beginning 7.11.22

This week in Class Two, we have continued looking at writing instructions. We made Jam Sandwiches, which were very tasty, and then wrote our own instructions. In PE we have been looking at different ways to travel. We explored travelling forwards, backwards and sideways. Then we looked at moving high, low and wide. In Maths,… Read more »

Remembrance Day

Class 4 attended the memorial service, at the village green monument, to remember and thank those that have served or are serving our nation. We were proud to lay our wreath on the step of the monument and pay our respects. We wrote poems which we published on hand-made poppies.

Week beginning 7th November 2022

We are enjoying learning about evacuation and World War 2, we are writing diaries after being evacuated to a lovely village. We are thinking about our emotions and thoughts while being away from family. We have begun sewing our teddy bears from scrap materials as part of the ‘Make Do and Mend’ wartime initiative. See… Read more »

WC 31.10.22

This week in Class Two, we have been looking at how to keep ourselves safe. In English we looked at how to brush our teeth and we wrote instructions using ‘Bossy Verbs’. We also looked at how to cross the road and wrote instructions for this too. We also spoke about Bonfire Safety and then… Read more »

Week beginning 31st October.

This week has been safety week and class 1 have been busy learning how to stay safe when online or at a firework display, how to be seen in the dark and the importance of not to talking to strangers. In maths class 1 have been looking for and making patterns and exploring the composition… Read more »

Week beginning 31st October 2022

On Tuesday, we participated in a Moneysense workshop run by NatWest Bank, a volunteer from the bank visited us and helped us to plan a party. We needed to think about how we could provide the best party within a certain budget. We spoke about how our parents sometimes do this when it is our… Read more »

Week beginning 17th October 2022

A busy week this week to finish this half term. We are enjoying our trumpet lessons and have been practicing the notes c, d and e. We played Hot Cross Buns and are thrilled with the result. These will continue next half term and we cannot wait. We completed our artwork for ‘Just One Tree… Read more »

Week beginning 10th October 2022

As part of our theme; Our World: Our future, Class 4 have continued to look at the ever decreasing numbers of tigers and other wildlife in the wild, we have written poems based on William Blake’s Tyger, Tyger and are writing persuasive adverts to encourage people to donate and help save these creatures. We are… Read more »