WB 10th May 2021

Another exciting and busy week which saw Class 3 continuing to make their moving creature models. We have completed the frames and are working on a variety of cams to ensure the parts of our creatures move. In Science we designed and made boats, thinking about the effect of water resistance on our boats. We… Read more »

Week beginning 10th May

It’s been a busy week in class 1 this week. The children have all been enjoying the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and they have been very busy sequencing and re-telling the story. They have learned about the different stages in the butterfly life cycle and all made a representation using different pasta shapes…. Read more »

This Week

This week we have been learning about the types of jobs Victorian children were forced to do. Having watched power points and videos about coalmining, chimney sweeping, factory work, bird scaring and domestic service, the children were unanimous in their decision that they are better off coming to school! In music we watched “Who Will… Read more »

Week beginning 3rd May

Good afternoon, Here is a snippet of some of our learning this week. We have all made our own unique mini-beast from clay which we are leaving to dry so we can paint them next week. In science we have been learning to sort and classify animals. This week we learned herbivores only eat plants,… Read more »

Week beginning 4th May 2021

Well what a week! It may have been shorter due to Bank Holiday but we have been extremely busy. In mathematics we have been investigating angles in triangles and using our POWERS to help us to reason and problem solve. We have used this knowledge to help during our design and technology project as well,… Read more »

Week beginning 26th April 2021

In Class 3 we have been continuing with our Raging Rivers theme and the children have produced non-chronological reports about a river of their choice. Some have hand-written these after using a variety of research methods and some have produced a word document using different skills to insert images and change fonts etc. These are… Read more »

Building Bridges

Inspired by studying Isambard Kingdom Brunel as part of their Victorian topic, Class 2 has been designing bridges. Over the last two weeks they have been provided with different materials and a variety of success criteria, culminating this week with them being given free choice of materials to build a bridge spanning 30cm which could… Read more »

Week beginning 19th April 2021

Well, what an exciting week we have had. We have been investigation air resistance and the children designed and made parachutes. They then investigated to see which design was the best by timing each design’s fall to earth. The wind caused some minor difficulties but with perseverance we succeeded. We have also been reading and… Read more »

WB 29.03.2021

Good morning, I hope you have had a pleasant Easter weekend and enjoyed the various weather experiences. I had all types of weather in one day, including snow! The children enjoyed a variety of Easter activities during the lead up to Easter, including a worship service provided by Chelmsford Diocese. As a result of this,… Read more »


Dear Parents and Carers Please would you send all Class 2 children into school on Wednesday with a carrier bag so they can bring the things they have made, safely home. Many thanks Mrs R