A School Day

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Children can enter school in the morning from 8:45am and our learning begins at 8:55am with registration and assembly.

Learning is fluid throughout the morning and a flexible playtime is taken at an appropriate break in the learning.

Every day children learn to write and practice writing; learn to read and apply reading skills; practice mental number skills; learn mathematical concepts and apply them to problem solving.

Literacy skills are developed using foundation subjects as the content of learning to enable smarter use of time.

Lunchtime is staggered for each year group to enable better access of our learning environments and play spaces. The learning doesn’t stop; our play volunteers help with equipment, clubs and activities as do our play mentors. There are plenty of exciting things to do during this break.

Hot lunches are provided at a charge to KS2 pupils, and preordered meals are provided to all KS1 pupils re the Government Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) scheme, by our caters or pupils can bring their own packed lunch. Older children independently choose to dine in our restaurant or in our outside environments.

During our afternoon learning pupils’ all-round skills are continued to be developed through subjects that develop the self and an understanding of the wider world.

The day ends at 3:10pm when after school clubs run on a volunteer basis by school staff, or outside partners begin.

At home pupils are expected to undertake out of school learning tasks as set by the class teacher. We appreciate parental support in helping and supervising homework tasks.