Summer term 1

We have been very busy in class 1 learning about different animals and some of the things they do.

We have talked about where animals can be found and compared the differences in environments betweeen the UK, Savannah and the Polar regions.

We have talked about what they look like and some of their physical features, we have learned about the names for different baby animals, talked about whether animals are meat-eaters (carnivores) or plant eaters (herbivores) and we have even learned some different names for groups of animals. Did you know a group of Hippos is called a bloat?

We have used the information we have learned about the animals to write our own information sheets about chosen animals which we have then used to create our own information book.

In Art and design we have explored various techniques and materials. We have created mono-prints using ink, salt and water colour paints to make an icy background and we have made sliding pictures, pictures with animals with moving parts and flapping ladybirds.
Mono Printing

We put the paper over the ink then drew our picture causing the picture to be printed on our paper.

Sliding pictures with woodland animals.

In maths this half term our main focus has been on being able to re-call our number bonds. We have also learned about doubling and odds and even numbers

Last week we enjoyed learning about mini beasts and hunting for them in the outside space and indoors!

Friday was world bee day and we enjoyed dressing up as bees and learning about bees from a beekeeper and we enjoyed being bees and creating a bee waggle dance in PE.

This week we have been learning about the Queen’s Jubilee. We are creating lots of amazing crafts and have even written letters to the Queen to congratulate her.

Our topic for next half term is SPLASH!