Week beginning 3rd May 2022

Another exciting week in Class 4, how time flies!

We are continuing to discover all things ‘Space’ and our Stars Wars writing is progressing nicely. We are really thinking about our vocabulary choices and sentence structure to try to engage our readers.

In Art we are learning about an interesting artist, Peter Thorpe, who combines abstract art with rocket illustrations. We have painted our backgrounds, choosing our medium carefully and planned the finished composition. Next week we add the rockets!

One P.E. session includes circuit training activities, as we train to become astronauts and improve our fitness levels. Each week we choose to complete a variety of activites, each activity is performed for one minute and a score recorded. We hope to improve our individual scores with each session.

During music we are listening to and studying the composer, Gustav Holst. He was a British composer best known for his orchestral suite ‘The Planets’. A suite is a group of individual pieces. There are seven pieces in ‘The Planets’ and ‘Mars, the Bringer of War’ is the first one, we have listened to this piece and drawn what we think a rocket might look like using only one colour, shape and line type.

Next week Year 6 look forward to completing SATs papers and showing off everything they have been learning during their years at school. Wish them luck.