Week beginning 21st February 2022

Welcome back after the break, this half term our topic is ‘Amazing Americas’. The children have begun by sharing what they already know and locating both North and South America in the atlas. They are in the process of drawing the maps and identifying key cities.

During English sessions they have been researching Pocahontas in preparation for writing a biography about her. Some interesting conversations have resulted from the various facts they have found.

We will be learning about a variety of North American artists throughout this half term and this week we found out about John Singer Sargent, who was an interesting gentlemen, painting full length portraits. We drew the missing half of one of his famous paintings, a portrait of Dr Pozzi painted in 1881.

Our P.E. sessions will focus on skills needed to play cricket and tag rugby. This week we have practised holding a rugby ball and throwing a cricket ball towards a target, to improve accuracy.

Have a good weekend.