Week beginninng 4th January 2022

Happy New Year.

We have had an exciting start to this half term, starting with making mood boards for our wands. We looked at examples of mood boards and then used a variety of mediums to create a board for our wand design. During D & T lessons we will be creating our wands and in Science we will be recapping how to make an electrical circuit with an on/off switch so that we can cast the spell ‘Lumous’.

Our English focus for this week has been the tale of The Three Brothers, we intend to retell this tale from the point of view of Death in the form of a narrative poem. We then hope to design and make shadow puppets to perform our poetry, using our ICT skills to film and edit the results.

We are sharing the first book in the Potter series and answering a variety of questions during our Guided Reading sessions. At the moment our opinions of the Dursley family are not high – I wonder if they will change.

Have a great weekend.