Week beginning 8th November 2021

We have been very busy this week, we continue to discuss climate change and the impact of COP26. The children are learning to use persuasive devices in their writing and will put these skills to the test by writing to world representatives of COP26. They have researched facts and been very surprised by some of the data that they have seen. The letters will be forwarded to the relevant MPs and a copy sent to the Prime Minister.

We joined our community today (Thursday) in remembrance of those who have fallen or been injured during conflicts throughout the world. We have written prayers and poems, these will be kept – in a prayer book – for further use in the future. We have also produced some wonderful ‘Blackout Poetry’ and completed some effective artwork to help us remember.

During our inside P.E. sessions we are studying body movement and are thinking about how we can represent fireworks using our bodies. We have each thought about and performed one movement, we then taught this move to our partner and put the moves together. After this we joined another pair and we have four moves altogether now.