Week beginning 1st November.

As part of our topic this term ‘colours and patterns’ The children have enjoyed learning about the celebration of Diwali. They had great fun in participating in some Diwali traditions.

On Wednesday the children made Coconut Ladoo a type of Diwali sweet made with coconut and cardamom. The children explored the ingredients using their senses and talked about the smells, texture and taste of the ingredients as they mixed. The best bit of course was licking their fingers when they finished rolling the Ladoo into balls!

They have been busy making Diva lamps from salt dough, which they carefully painted and decorated. We even managed to sneak some math’s in there as they used the gems to create a repeating pattern.

As part of our safety week, the children have learned how to stay safe on fireworks night and have created some very beautiful Jackson Pollock inspired firework art.