Week beginning 18th October 2021

This week we have been writing a ‘Care Guide’ for a Cerberus or our own imaginary mythical creature. Here are some examples:

Food: Keeping a Cerberus well fed is a key role. They need a ton of fresh meat; not those puny chicken nuggets you get from McDaedules. Fridges R Us provide a perfect meat-holder. However, too much meat can make it overweight – keep it balanced. Water is fine for drink, but milk may be better – it helps strengthen up teeth. Also split up food in three, equally: one for each head. By JL

For your own health care: A reflective shield will allow you to look at your pet Cerberus. Make sure to buy poisonous proof flooring because your Cerberus will have very long poisonous spit. By AW

Health care: When caring for a Cerberus you may need to provide a wheel for exercise and entertainment. Or you can go for the more dangerous option and play ‘Duck-duck-goose’ with it. By GU

Feeding: A Cerberus’ favourite food is steak flipped into a frying pan, but don’t give it too often because it will get strong enough to escape it’s cage. It’s everyday food is dead human cut up into huge slices. By BT

We have completed our Greek God and Goddesses Top Trump cards and enjoyed playing with them.

We also started painting our sculptures – they look great.

Have a good half term.