WB 20th September 2021 ‘Life in Ancient Greece’ Day

What a fantastic day Class 4 had on Wednesday; we all dressed in costume and spent the day experiencing life in Ancient Greece. There were numerous activities available to try, including wax tablet and stylus making – so we can send messages then melt the wax to start again. Some of us made clay pottery, prayer beads and mosaic tiles. We learnt about democracy during these times and found out how the word ostracize came about. We needed to ostracize someone who was against the Athenians but wanted to become part of Persia! Anyone suspecting an informant or rebel would write the name on a piece of broken pottery, which was called Ostracon, hence the word ostracize. In the afternoon we provided entertainment (two tragedies and one comedy) during a wonderful feast of bread, grapes, cheese and wine!

Painting clay tiles.
Making clay pots and prayer beads.
Act 1: Scene1.
Greek dancing
Receiving instructions for the morning activities.