Week Beginning 14th June

The highlight of this week was our trip to the Guildhall. Thank you so much for all the effort that was made to provide the children with an appropriate costume. They all looked amazing! We were welcomed to the Guildhall by two volunteers who spent the morning with us, showing us artefacts and telling us lots of information about the history of Finchingfield and the surrounding area. The children were all very interested and asked lots of well thought out questions. Please see below an extract from an email we received from the two volunteers:

“It was such a privilege to welcome you and your fab pupils to the Guildhall.  We thoroughly enjoyed their visit and their enthusiasm.  What lovely young people and a real credit to their school and, importantly, their teachers.  Please thank them for their intelligent questions and their excellent behaviour and for dressing up to look the part.  You were all great!”

All of the children were a credit to both the school and their parents. All of us were very proud of them.

Once we had finished looking around the Guildhall, we sat in the churchyard and the children made sketches of the church, which they are going to paint in watercolours. In the afternoon we played and made some Victorian games.

Following Tuesday’s outing the children all wrote very thoughtful “Thank you” letters to the volunteers at the Guildhall and drew a map of their route from school to the Guildhall.

We have continued looking at states of matter in science, and this week we were investigating whether or not gases weigh anything. There were differing views before the investigation, but the results the children recorded from their experiment were conclusive. Gas does weigh something!

As well as that we have been solving weighing problems in maths and revising inverted commas and speech bubbles in English. We also managed to fit in some country dancing.

It has been a busy and enjoyable week!