Week beginning 7th June 2021 – Class 3

Well that week has flown by!

We have been busy again in Class 3 and are learning about perspective in art – we have begun to draw a mountain scene and look forward to adding colour in a medium of our choice.

English sees us starting a new unit of work, we are using a film clip called ‘Contre Temps – Against Time!’ We will work up to writing a newspaper report about what happens in the clip. So far we have revisited how to use conjunctions, fronted adverbials and punctuation for direct speech.

Mathematics sees us working on measurements – converting metric measurements, Kilograms and Kilometres etc. We were fascinated to discover that doors are still measured using imperial measurements (many thanks to Mrs Vohmann for her visit and knowledge).

We are keeping fit by enjoying our tennis and gymnastic lessons and incorporating some extra exercise during the day. We have been practicing our forehand and return.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather.