WB 10th May 2021

Another exciting and busy week which saw Class 3 continuing to make their moving creature models. We have completed the frames and are working on a variety of cams to ensure the parts of our creatures move.

Covering the frames with card.
The children decided how to make their frames and chose the materials accordingly.

In Science we designed and made boats, thinking about the effect of water resistance on our boats. We then had a race timing the boats to see which design was most successful. We followed this investigation with one concerning buoyancy and tested each boat; adding weights until they sank. Well done to everyone – photographs to follow.

Our Year 6 were disappointed that the Government cancelled SATs week due to Covid, so we decided to have our own version. Everyone participated and were very pleased with their results. They felt they were able to show off their learning and successes by celebrating in a time honoured tradition.

We look forward to another busy week, moving onto out next topic ‘Magnificent Mountains’.