This Week

This week we have been learning about the types of jobs Victorian children were forced to do. Having watched power points and videos about coalmining, chimney sweeping, factory work, bird scaring and domestic service, the children were unanimous in their decision that they are better off coming to school!

In music we watched “Who Will Buy?” from the musical Oliver and identified some of the street sellers cries. They then worked in groups to produce their own modern day street cry. Once again their team work, co-operation and perseverance were much in evidence.

I am really delighted with how much work most of the children have put into learning their tables. This knowledge really helps them with so many different kinds of mathematical problems. As well as practising tables the children have continued to work on place value (including decimals for the older ones) and have been rounding numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand or one, depending on their age and ability.

The children have worked enthusiastically and conscientiously, so I really hope the weather brightens up at the weekend so that they can enjoy their leisure time to the full.