Building Bridges

Inspired by studying Isambard Kingdom Brunel as part of their Victorian topic, Class 2 has been designing bridges. Over the last two weeks they have been provided with different materials and a variety of success criteria, culminating this week with them being given free choice of materials to build a bridge spanning 30cm which could hold a toy car. I have been impressed with their team work, tenacity and ability to adapt their plans.

In maths decimals have been introduced to the older children and everyone has been multiplying and dividing by ten and a hundred using equipment and place value charts.

The children have been really engrossed in the story of The Street Child by Berlie Doherty which I have been reading to them. This week in English they had to write a “persuasive note” to the main character to give him their reasons as to whether he should try and escape from the workhouse or not. We can’t wait to find out what happens!