A Busy Week

Dear Parents and Carers

This term is flying past and it doesn’t seem possible there is only one more week before Easter. However we are enjoying the time we have and hopefully looking forward to a more normal summer term.

I was impressed and delighted with the empathy and understanding the children demonstrated when writing diaries as though they were a child incarcerated in a Victorian workhouse.

All the children did research to find out what they could about Alexander Graham Bell and wrote detailed fact files. We were all surprised to learn about his many inventions aside from the telephone.

We continued to investigate sound in Science, and this week the focus was pitch. So we made pan pipes from paper straws. Those who completed that, went on to investigate how to make an oboe reed from a straw. I do apologise for the dreadful noise that makes!

I have asked the children to try and make a tuned instrument at home this weekend. When my children were small, we made a string bass from a tea chest, a broom handle and string, which they actually used in a skiffle band and performed using it. After that their musical aspirations became more expensive as drum kits, violins, pianos, clarinets and saxophones were required!

In maths we have been persevering with fractions and improper fractions and mixed numbers have been introduced.

I hope you all have a great weekend and that we have some sunny weather to enjoy.

Mrs R