Learning Activities for Friday

Good Morning Class 2,

I am very happy to say that today is our last day of remote learning. Next week we will all be back at school together. It will be so great to see each other and say hello in person.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Story settings
Main inputToday we are going to explore drawing the reader in to your story by creating an amazing setting.
Activities Choose one of the following settings and write a paragraph to show what it is like.
A forest, beach, park, zoo or space.
Use lots of adjectives, alliteration, similes, mystery and suspense.
 Write a description for a setting of your choice. Include powerful vocabulary and remember short sentences can be effective too.
Eg Spring sunshine shimmered on the shiny surface of the pond. Ducklings explored their new environment, bobbing excitedly behind their mother. A heron circled above….
 Write a detailed description of a story setting for the start of your own story. You could carry your story on, we would love to read them. Add illustrations too.
Extension Activity IdeasTurn your setting into a story. Create your own book with a blurb, front cover etc.


Learning Objective/Focus:Multiplication facts
Main inputChoose a multiplication table e.g 7X
Count forward 7, 14, 21,….
Count back from 84, 77, 70…..  
ActivitiesDesign a poster for your given table to include division facts.
7 days in a week, 7 dwarves.
Choose a table that will challenge you.  
You could make up a tune with actions to sing the facts to!
 Write out the sequence and see if there’s a pattern ( like the 11x table and the 9x). Think of a way of using this pattern to help you remember the facts quicker.  
 Complete the weekly multiplication grid. Are you getting quicker at filling it in?
There are some free games on www.themathsfactor.com  to help you get quicker at learning multiplication facts.
Extension Activity IdeasExplore the 24x table- can you spot a pattern?

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Throwing and catching outside
Main inputUse a tennis ball. Throw and catch 2 handed and also 1 handed. Set challenges e.g make 10 catches without dropping the ball.
Activities Check with an adult if you can throw your ball against a wall and catch it.
 Try aiming into a container. How accurate are you? Compete with someone else if you can.
 Turn your container and try rolling the ball into it.
Extension Activity IdeasMake up ball games where you test accuracy.

Have a fantastic weekend. Look forward to seeing you Monday!