Learning Activities for Friday

Good Morning Class 1,

Today is the last day of our remote learning. Next week you will all be back at school! We are all very excited about seeing you.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To write a newspaper report.
Main input (explanation)Using yesterday’s plan write your newspaper report.
Activities Look at today’s phoneme and complete the activities on the slide.
 Write a headline. Write 3 sentences reporting the event.    
 Write a report about Jack and the Beanstalk using yesterday’s plan. Don’t forget your exciting headline!
Extension Activity IdeasDraw a picture of the scene to go with your report.


Learning Objective/Focus:To recognise numerals up to 50.
Main input (explanation)Children need to recognise numerals from 0 to 50.   Children in Reception should recognise numerals up to 20.
ActivitiesMake number cards 0-20 (reception) 0-50 (year 1)   Use the cards to play number splat.   Call out a number and your child has to splat the correct numeral with their hand.
 Practice writing the numerals.   Ask an adult to randomly call out numbers and you write the numeral as quickly as you can. How many numerals can you write correctly in 2 minutes?
 Practice matching the numerals to the numbers by playing a game of bingo.    
Extension Activity IdeasPractice counting to 100.

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To explore the natural world and how we care for it.
Main input (explanation)Natural things are things which are not man made. Examples include the sun, moon, clouds, rivers, flowers and animals.  
Either in your garden or while out on a walk, look at the natural things around you and record what you see.
Activities Draw a picture of the things in nature you enjoy.
 Think of some ways in which we can care for the natural world. i.e. using litter bins, clearing rubbish, using fewer cars, using less plastic, recycling.
 Create a poster to show some ways to look after the natural world.
Extension Activity IdeasDesign a new garden – what would you include in it to support nature?

Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll see you all on Monday.