Learning Activities for Thursday 4th March 2021.

Good morning, hope you are enjoying finding out about Japan this week. Learning activities follow:


Learning Objective/Focus: Reading The Highwayman and making notes about characters. Revising adverbs and adverbials and practicing identifying these.

Main input:

Watch The Highwayman PowerPoint or, if this is not possible, watch this video animation:

Follow the words of the poem as you watch. (You have read this poem in a lesson last week–see which parts you remember).


Use the Character Notes to make notes about three of the characters in the poem. Include information that you are sure about and things that you guess or imagine about them.

Which of these three characters would you say is most tragic? Which has the worst situation? Give reasons for your choice.

Use the PowerPoint on adverbs and adverbials.  If this is not possible, remind yourself using the Revision Card. Complete Adverbials Practice.

Can you write five sentences that include descriptive adverbials about your day today? Next, try writing five sentences with descriptive adverbials about the best day that you could imagine?


Learning Objective/Focus: Area of a triangle part 2.

Main input: See PowerPoint.


Fluency activity.

Reasoning activity.

Problem Solving activity.

Abigail is calculating the area of a right-angled triangle. She says, “I only need to know the length of any two sides to calculate the area of a triangle.” Do you agree with Abigail? Explain your answer.


Learning Objective/Focus: To apply and develop a broader range of skills.

Main input: Japan can be considered fairly athletic in that there is a lot of interest with different sports. Soccer and baseball are arguably the most popular sports in Japan, and one of the most widely watched. However there are so many more sports and activities, many of them traditional to Japan that are still practiced even today. There are also many modern spins on traditional sports as well as sports that have been influenced by others.


Name all the major sports played in Japan. See if you can join in with one using a video clip to follow.

What are the characteristics of karate?

Create a poster promoting traditional sports played in Japan.

Create a colourful spider diagram of traditional and current Japanese sport.

Hope you have a good day and enjoy the learning suggested for you.