Learning Activities for Wednesday

Good Morning Class 1,

I cannot believe it is Wednesday already. I hope you have been enjoying your week so far.

Below are some learning activity ideas.


Learning Objective/Focus:To know that newspapers report on exciting events.
Main input (explanation)Look at the newspaper report for the porridge pot. Focus on the purpose of a newspaper headline- to grab the readers attention.
Activities Look at today’s phoneme and complete the activities on the slide.
 Before reading, look at the headline.
What do you notice about how it is written?
What is the purpose of a headline?
What do you think the story is about?
Does it make you want to read on?
Which title is more exciting and why?   Massive porridge spillage! Or The magic porridge pot!
 Think of some familiar stories. Note down the story and the key events. These are the parts that you think are important and exciting. (You could make a simple chart).   Pick one and create a headline.
Extension Activity IdeasChoose three of your familiar stories and write your own headlines for them.


Learning Objective/Focus:To count on within 50 from any number.
Main input (explanation)Children need to practice counting up to 50, starting from any number.   Children in Reception need to confidently count to 20.    
Activities Practice counting from 0-20.  
Can you count any further?  
Ask an adult to call out a number between 0 and 20. Can you count on from that number?
 Practice counting from 0-50.    
 Practice counting to 50 from any start number.   Ask an adult to call out a number. Count on from that number to 50.    
Extension Activity IdeasFill in the missing numbers.  
11, 12, 13, __, 15, __, 17, 18, __, __.  
10,__, __, 13, 14, __, 16.  
35, 36, __, 38, 39, __40.  
41, 42, 43, 44, __, __,  
21, 22, 23 __, __, 26, __, 28.    

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To develop basic aiming skills.
Main input (explanation)Warm up by playing the beans game.  
Practice travelling in different ways. You could run, jog, skip, hop, jump, walk or crawl.
ActivitiesCreate a target. This could be on the floor or using a bucket or box. Use a ball or bean bag to aim at your target. How many times can you hit the target in a minute? Take turns with someone else, who can reach the target the most? What about if you move the target closer or further away?    
 In this next activity you will be planting and digging up seeds.
You will need some objects to bury as seeds and some paper or cloths to use as the soil.  
Hide some of the seeds under the soil. Then with one seed go to an empty spot, move like you are digging a hole and bury your seed. Then go to a buried seed and dig it up to replant it.   How quickly can you re-bury all the seeds?  
Why not ask someone else to join you and see who can move the most seeds?  
Don’t forget the digging movements!
 Play some stormy music and move in ways it makes you feel.
Extension Activity IdeasEnjoy a long walk and travel in different ways (quickly, slowly, tall, low etc).

Wishing you all a great day.