Learning Activities for Tuesday

Good Morning,

I hope you had a great day yesterday.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To begin to know some features of a newspaper report.
Main input (explanation)Look at the attached newspaper report about Goldilocks.
Activities Look at today’s phoneme and complete the activities on the slide.
 Discuss the features of the report. What do you notice about the text type, the layout, the headline.
Is it a story?    
 What is the report about? What information have you found out from the report? Which sentences do you like and why?  
Extension Activity IdeasLook at the newspaper report about the Highway rat. Try to spot the headline, the punctuation used. What the story is about? Are there any witnesses? A witness is someone who makes a statement about what they have seen or heard when the event happened.


Learning Objective/Focus:To compare number sentences.
Main input (explanation)Children compare number sentences using greater (more) than, less than and equal to.  
Activities In these pairs of numbers which number is less?  17,3  
Which number is greater in these pairs?
 Compare the calculations using less than, greater (more) than and equal to.  
(you might want to complete the calculations in each pair first!)  
5+4  4+5  
7+9  6+3  
5+6  2+1  
11+ 4  20 – 5  
9 + 3  17- 3  
 Use the symbols for greater than > Less than < And equal to = to compare the calculations.  
3 + 8           8 + 3  
18 – 5        18  
12 + 4        12 – 4          
Extension Activity IdeasFind the answers;  
Whitney has 16 sweets and eats 7 of them. Mo has 17 sweets and eats 8 of them. Who has more sweets left?   Explain how you know.  
Alex says “any number less than 11 would make this correct. 7+11 < 7 + __ Do you agree with Alex? Explain why.

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To recognise the work of Georgia O’Keeffe
Main input (explanation)Georgia O’Keeffe is perhaps most famous for painting flowers. Look at the document to discover about her life and art works.
Activities Look at the art work by Georgia O’ Keeffe and talk about what you see.
Are the flowers painted close up or at a distance?What colours does she use?
What do you think she used?
What do you like or dislike and why?
 Choose one of Georgia O’ Keeffes flower paintings carefully observe and draw the picture.
 Choose one of Georgia O’keeffes flower paintings and carefully observe and make a copy. Look carefully at the colours she has used.
What will you use to colour yours?
Extension Activity IdeasMake a 3d flower. You could use different paper, egg boxes, pom poms or any other recycled materials you have.

Hope you have fun. I look forward to seeing your flower drawings.