Learning Activities for Monday

Good Morning Class 2

I hope you had a great weekend.

I am very pleased that this is will be our last week of remote learning. We are looking forward to welcoming you all back into school next week. You have all shown such great resilience and responsibility, keep it up and enjoy your week.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Factual Writing
Main inputToday is St David’s Day. He is the Patron Saint of Wales. Attached is a PowerPoint about St David, but you can use books or the internet to find out information for yourself.
ActivitiesFind out 5 facts about St David and write them in interesting sentences.
Write a paragraph describing St David’s character.
In as much detail as you can write about the life of St David.
Don’t forget to use all the punctuation you have been taught!
Extension Activity IdeasFind out about monasteries.
What are they? Who lives in them? What kind of lifestyle might the people in them, have?


Learning Objective/Focus:Square numbers
Main inputOn Friday some of you will have started to explore squared numbers. Today we are all going to find out more about squared numbers.
A square number is the result we get when we multiply a number by itself. eg 25 is a square number because it is 5 lots of 5 or 5×5. We write this as 5².
ActivitiesOn squared paper draw: 1 squared 2 squared 3 squared 4 squared. Write the relevant multiplication sum and answer beside each square.
Draw and investigate square numbers to at least 13 squared. Write the relevant multiplication sum and answer beside each square.
Complete this number pattern: 1, 4, 9, 16
How far can you go?  
Extension Activity IdeasComplete the attached extension investigation

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Because it is St David’s Day today, we are going to study a map of Wales.
Main inputA map of Welsh Counties is attached, but it would be better to use an atlas if you have one. Use the dictionary skills we were practicing last week to use the index to find the following towns and cities in Wales and mark them on your blank map of Wales.
Activities Holyhead, Isle of Anglesea Tenby, Pembrokeshire Aberystwyth, Cardigan Ceredigion Bangor, Gwynedd
 Mark all the above places on your map AND Saint Asaph, Denbighshire St David’s, Pembrokeshire Price Town, Bridgend Port Talbot, Neath and Port Talbot Caernarfon, Gwynedd Lladudno, County Conwy
 Find all the cities and towns above, but also find the following towns and cities. These may be slightly trickier as I haven’t told you the county they are in: Caeleon Breco Cowbridge Abergavenny Ponypool Beaumaris
Extension Activity Ideas Last week we were looking at how land is used in our local area. See if you can find out about land use in Wales. If you have an atlas there are maps which show you.    

I hope you have a great day.