Learning Activities for Friday.

Good morning, hope you have enjoyed STEM week and are looking forward to the weekend. Activities for today follow:


Learning Objective/Focus: Learn how to use hyphens and then sort out ambiguous headlines by correct hyphen use and write a story of a strange event.

Main input: Read Ambiguous Headlines. When something is ambiguous, it means it could have more than one meaning. Can you work out how these headlines could have more than one meaning? The first has been done for you.


Use the Revision Card or the PowerPoint (from yesterday) to revise using hyphens to avoid ambiguity. Complete the activities on hyphens, putting hyphens in the right place.

Take one of the ‘wrong’ headlines on Ambiguous Headlines and make up a story about it. E.g. six one-year-old children win a worm charming competition!

Find out more about worm-charming, toe-wrestling, hoop-rolling or giant pie making. Are there records for each of these activities?

Make some illustrations for the ‘wrong’ version of the Ambiguous Headlines.


Learning Objective/Focus: Find pairs of values part 2.

Main input: See PowerPoint.


Fluency activity.

Reasoning activity.

Problem Solving activity.

𝑎𝑏 + 𝑏 = 18 Mo says, “𝑎 and 𝑏 must both be odd numbers”. Is Mo correct? Explain your answer.


Learning Objective/Focus: STEM activities: Select and use a wider range of tools and equipment to perform a range of practical tasks accurately.

Main input:

When you think of a catapult, what is the first thing you imagine? Medieval siege weapon? A slingshot?  Each idea would be correct. Neolithic man used them to hunt. David used his to triumph over Goliath and mighty fortresses have been reduced to rubble using them. Simple catapults can make an object travel or can be used to hit a target. How will you use yours?

Access the PowerPoint presentation to find out more.


Research catapults and look at different designs. You can search for images using an appropriate search engine.

You are going to design and make a catapult either to hit a target or to launch a small paper ball as far as you can. What equipment will you choose and why? How will you join the equipment to make your catapult strong? What was the impact of the different elastic bands? Was a thin band or a thick band better?

How can you alter or improve your design to solve a problem? Is there anything you would do differently if you were to design a catapult again?

At what angle is the catapult most successful? (acute / right / obtuse). Measure the distance each time you launch a paper ball. What is the furthest your catapult projected the paper ball?

Have a great weekend and be careful with your catapults.