Learning Activities for Thursday

Good Morning,

I hope you have enjoyed exploring so far this week.

Below are the learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Make a word chain
Main inputWord chains are where you start with a word and change one letter to make a new word. E.g. start with chip. Change 1 letter to make a new word. E.g. chin—then shin- then spin etc.
Activities Start with a 4 letter word. Try to change each letter at least once, but challenge yourself to see how long you can make the chain. Write them as a list to help you keep count of all the new words you have made. Here are some suggested words to start: Spot, cats, dogs, four. 
 Explore a range of your own starting words.  
Find out what happens when you start with 3 letter words. Is the chain longer?
 Challenge yourself with 5 letter words. E.g. frame, place, scope, grass. Try some of your own.    
Extension Activity IdeasWrite down your full name and use the letters to make smaller words.  


Learning Objective/Focus:Make word problems for given calculations
Main inputExplore together how to create a word problem from a given calculation E.g. Using the calculation 8×4. The word problem might be- How many wheels on 8 quad bikes?
For 12+15+11 it could be- There are 12 blue cars in a car park, 15 white and 11 red. How many cars altogether?
Activities Think up word problems/stories for the following; 76-23-9
27 ÷ 3
 Write a range of word problems for the following and check that the word problem gives you the correct answer to the calculation.
27 ÷ 3
 Challenge yourself to include fractions and higher numbers (e.g. three digit numbers).
Extension Activity IdeasWrite some word problems for someone else to write out the calculations.

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To create a “Rainbow” jar/box
Main inputTalk about all the things you’re looking forward to this Spring/Summer.
ActivitiesCreate a “Rainbow” jar/box by writing down all the things you are looking forward to. Write each one either in different colour pen or on different colour paper.
 Include places you’re hoping to visit, people you’re hoping to see, activities you’re hoping to do.
 Add all of your ideas to the jar/box and include ideas from others.
Extension Activity IdeasWrite a poem entitled, “Looking forward to…..” Include illustrations and remember we would love to read them so please send them in to school.

I hope you have a great day.