Learning Activities for Thursday

Good Morning,

I hope you are all well and having fun this week.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To write a list using commas.
Main input (explanation)When we write a list of more than two items we separate them using a comma (,)  
The PowerPoint attached may help.
ActivitiesLook at today’s phoneme and complete the activities on the slide.
Practice writing a comma.  
Read the following sentence.  

I like to sing and skip and jump and run.   How could this sentence be improved? 

Talk about what you need to do.  
Now write the improved sentence.  
Write a list of things you like. Use a comma to separate each item in the list.
Extension Activity IdeasLook for commas in books. Are they only used for lists?


Learning Objective/Focus:To subtract 1 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers crossing 10 by partitioning.
Main input (explanation)Bridging to 10 is used when subtracting a single digit number from a double digit whose total is less than 10.   To do this you need to partition the lower number so you can subtract to 10. Then subtract the remaining.
For example 13 – 7  
7 can be partitioned into 3 and 4. If we subtract 3 from 13 we get 10. Then we subtract the remaining 4 to get 6.
So 13-7 = 6
Use the PowerPoint attached to help you.
ActivitiesUse equipment to help you complete these subtractions.  
There are 11 sheep in a pen. The farmer takes 1 out. How many sheep are left in the pen?  

There are 13 cars in a car park. 3 cars leave how many cars are left?  

There are 14 cakes in the bakers. Eva buys some cakes. There are 10 left. How many cakes did Eva buy?  
Use a 10 frame and a number line to help you find the answers to the below.  
Example: First there were 13 jam tarts. Then 5 were eaten. Now there are 8 jam tarts.    

12- 5 =  
17 – 8 =  
16 – 7 =
Use <, > or = to make the below statements correct.   17- 5        12-5
14-4         18-8
11-7         11-4  
How do you know?  
Extension Activity IdeasTara is working out 12-4 using a number line her answer is 9.   What has Tara done wrong? Can you explain her mistake? What should the answer be?  

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To draw a portrait.
Main input (explanation)Show your child a picture of themselves as a baby. Talk about the picture – what do they look like? How have they changed?
ActivitiesDraw a picture of a baby.
Look closely at a baby picture of yourself. Use the picture to draw your baby portrait. Try to add all the details
Using a picture of yourself now. Draw your portrait to show a comparison of what you looked like as a baby and what you look like now.
Extension Activity IdeasDraw a picture of what you think you will look like when you are older.

I cannot wait to see your drawings! Why not try drawing what other family members will look like when they are older?