Learning Activities for Tuesday

Good Morning,

I hope you had fun yesterday.

Below are the learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Dictionary Work and alphabetical order
Main inputExplore the below link; https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zmy3rj6 When you find a word in the dictionary it tells you which type of word it is eg noun verb etc.
Activities Put the following words in alphabetical order and then find them in the dictionary. Write down the dictionary definition and the word type.
fish, bird, dog, and, goat, ugly, ant, extra, gigantic, finish.
 Take part in a dictionary Scavenger hunt. Find a word with more than 8 letters, write its meaning and its word type. Find a verb beginning with t and write its meaning. What is the last word in your dictionary? Write its meaning and word type. What do you get rid of when you use disinfectant? Which word comes after broccoli? Write its word type and meaning. What is the definition of the word fleck? Find 3 nouns that begin with s. Put the following words into alphabetical order: Pizza, playing, park, pot, phone, pest, purple, prize  
 Write the following words in alphabetical order: continuation, considerate, completion, incomplete, inconsiderate, discontinue, consider, complete, continue Choose 5 of the words and write their word type and dictionary definition.  
Extension Activity IdeasPlay” Can I catch you out?” with your family. Based on a TV game called Call My Bluff Each team (or person) finds a word they think looks interesting and finds the meaning. They write the dictionary definition on a piece of paper. They also write two more “meanings” which they make up (could copy the definition of another word).  On the back of the definitions write T or F for true or false. The other team has to guess which definition is the correct one.


Learning Objective/Focus:Multiplication and Division word problems
Main inputRecap from yesterday how to identify and highlight the important words and numbers in each word problem. This will help you work out the calculation you need to do. Choose from the worksheets below to challenge yourself.
Activities See Multiplication Problems
 See Sticker problems
 See Mixed word problems
Extension Activity IdeasExplore different ways of explaining your reasoning.

Foundation Subjects

SubjectPSHE (Mindfulness)
Learning Objective/Focus:Identifying Positive features/attributes
Main inputThink about what an amazing person you are!
Activities Draw a picture of yourself holding a bunch of balloons. Include at least 5 balloons and write great things about yourself in each balloon.
 Draw a picture of yourself holding a bunch of balloons. Complete at least 10 balloons about yourself. You can include such things as I am unique because…, My special talent is…. I am a good team person because…..
 Complete the wellbeing challenge booklet attached.
Extension Activity IdeasIt is often easier to think of the negatives than highlight your own positives. Think of at least 3 things you could change from a negative view point to a positive. E.g. I am not very good at my times table grid because I only got 16/20 last week, could be turned around to I am pretty good at times tables grids as I got most of them right, and I will practice the ones I got wrong, so I know them next time.

Have fun!