Learning Activities for Tuesday

Good Morning,

I hope you had fun finding out about your families yesterday.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To find information about my family.
Main input (explanation)Talk to your child about members of their family.
ActivitiesLook at today’s phoneme and complete the activities on the slide.
Draw a picture of your family and label who they are.
Draw a picture of your family. Write some sentences about them. Who are they? What job do they do? What do they like to do?
Extension Activity IdeasDraw a front cover for your autobiography. It should include a picture of you and who the book is written and illustrated by.


Learning Objective/Focus:To subtract 1 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers without crossing 10.
Main input (explanation)Explore subtracting 1 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers without crossing 10. i.e. making sure that the amount you subtract does not affect the tens column (23-2, 14-3, 49-5).
ActivitiesUse up to 10 building bricks to build a tower. How many bricks are in your tower? Take 2 of the bricks away. How many bricks are left? Can you tell a grown-up what you did?  
Explore this with a range of amounts (including starting with 10 and taking 10 away)
Use equipment to help you calculate the following:   16 – 4 =
17 – 5 =
20 – 8 =          

There were 18 biscuits on a plate but Joey ate 7 of them. Fill in the sentences. First there were ____ biscuits. Then ____ were eaten. Now there are _____.   18 –      =      
Use a number line or 10 frame to help you find the answers.  
20 – 6 =  
17 – 4 =  
16 – 5 =  

First there were 18 sheep. Four of them ran away. How many sheep are left?   Write the number sentence.  

I made 16 cakes to sell at the school fete.  None were bought. How many cakes were left?          
Extension Activity IdeasCreate your own subtraction word problems.

Foundation Subjects

SubjectScience / history
Learning Objective/Focus:To know the stages of human growth.
Main input (explanation)Humans go through different stages of growth. We start as babies and continue through different stages until we become elderly. Use the attached slides to help discuss the different stages of human growth.
ActivitiesTalk about the different stages of human growth  
SHOULDA timeline is a list of important events in the order they happened.   Draw pictures of each growth stage and create a timeline of the human stages of life from birth through to elderly.    
COULDLabel each stage.
Extension Activity IdeasWrite a sentence about each stage.

I hope you have a great day.