Learning Activities for Friday

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is the last day of this half term. Next week is half term and therefore we will not be sending out any learning activities for next week.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To understand what I have read or that is read to me.
Main input (explanation)Read a book with your child and talk about what they have read.

Choose to explore either phoneme of the day and complete the activities on the slides.
SHOULDRead a book of your choosing and talk about it.   Below are some questions you could ask your child.   Who is/ are the main characters?
When/ where is the story set?
Which is your favourite/worst/ funniest/ scariest part of the story? Why?
Tell me 3 facts you have learnt from the text.
Find the part where….  
COULDCan you identify any nouns in the book?  
Remember these are names of people, places animals and things.
Extension Activity IdeasCan you identify any adjectives in the book?  
These are words that are used to describe i.e big, large, brown, sparkly.


Learning Objective/Focus:To practice this week’s learning.
Main input (explanation)Talk about the different aspects of maths you have explored this week. Practice what you have learnt this week by completing the activities below.

I have 8 cupcakes. I give you half. How many do we each have?  
A van has 4 wheels. How many wheels do two vans have?  
There are 6 apples in a fruit basket and 3 bananas. How many pieces of fruit are in the basket altogether?  
Ben had 5 stickers, he gave away 2. Count back from 5 to find out how many he had left.
SHOULDEva is thinking of the number 11. What does she need to add to make 14? 19? 12? Count on to find the answers.   Can you work out the answers?  
What is double 2?  
What is half of 8?  
What is double 5?  
What is half of 6?  
Sally and Jim swim some lengths. Sally swims 16 lengths. Jim swims 4 less. How many does Jim swim?
COULDIn March it rained for 4 days. In April it rained for double that and in May it rained for double the amount it did in April. How many days did it rain in May?  
I have 20cm of ribbon. I need 30cm of ribbon. How much more ribbon do I need to buy?  
Count backwards to fill in the missing numbers  
12 – __ = 5  
13 – 6 = __  
18 – __ = 12  
24 – __ = 12  
30 – 6 = __  
There are 24 hours in a day. How many in half a day?  
Extension Activity Ideas A one digit number is added to a two digit number.   The answer is 18.   What could the missing numbers be?  
__ + __ = 18      
There are 8 socks on a washing line. Some have blown away.   How many different subtractions could you do on a number line?  
8 – __=  __
Can you work sensibly to find all the different possibilities? Write a calculation for each one. How many different subtraction calculations have you written?  

Foundation subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To participate in a mindfulness activity.
Main input (explanation)Mindfulness is useful for developing focus, regulating emotions, developing a positive outlook and giving a general sense of wellbeing.  
Complete one of the following mindfulness activity.

If you have access to a colouring book, choose your favourite picture and carefully colour it in.
SHOULDFind a comfortable position either sitting or lying down. If you would like to, close your eyes. Take a few deep and gentle breaths in and out. Feel yourself start to relax. Now squeeze your muscles as tightly as you can. Hold the squeeze for a count of three. Then, flop and relax your muscles for a count of five. Repeat this between five and ten times.   Afterwards, draw or write how you feel after squeezing and flopping.  
COULDTry hot writing – choose a short period of time such as one minute and try to keep your pen or pencil moving for the entire time. If you can’t think of anything to write, just write I can’t think of anything to write!
Extension Activity IdeasTake a walk and concentrate on the act of walking. What movements does each leg perform in each stride? Which part of your foot hits the ground first? What does the ground feel like underneath your shoe/ foot?

We all wish you a great half term. Take care, be kind and enjoy!