Learning Activities for Friday

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is the last day of this half term. So we will not be posting any learning activities for next week however we will start posting learning again on Monday 22nd February.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Chinese New Year- Traditions
Main inputFind out about The Willow pattern story which is depicted on the beautiful blue pottery.
See attached PowerPoint for more information.  

Create a story map of the story.
SHOULDWrite the story in your own words using complete sentences, similes and interesting vocabulary. Re-read your work aloud to check it makes sense.
COULDWrite the story in your own words using complete sentences, similes, interesting vocabulary and illustrations.
Extension Activity IdeasFind out about the animals in the Chinese zodiac. This year it is the year of the Ox.
If you have a white paper plate you could decorate it, using blue felt tips or paint, with the key elements from the story- the bridge, the island, the boat, the weeping willow and so on.


Learning Objective/Focus:Multiplication
Main inputRevise times table facts by drawing a 10X10 matrix. Ask an adult to put in the numbers along the side and top to jumble up the facts to make it more challenging.

Time yourself- complete the activity 3 times. Make a note of the facts you keep getting incorrect E.g. 6X7, 9X8, 9X7, 8X6, 12×8
Use these as the main facts to practice over the next few weeks. You might do this by writing them on post-it notes and displaying around the house, by asking an adult to ask you them at different times through the day, by creating a song, poem, limerick to remember them.
SHOULDPractice the 7x, 8x and 12x tables, as these are trickier ones.
COULDPractice the division facts for the tables you find challenging.
Extension Activity IdeasSpeed write each times table- keep a record of your time. Challenge a member of your family to beat your time.

Foundation Subjects

SubjectDesign Technology
Learning Objective/Focus:Chinese New Year – Celebrations and customs.
Main inputWatch a video clip of a Chinese dragon dance. You can find a range on YouTube or more information and a video can be found at; https://www.topmarks.co.uk/chinesenewyear/dragondance.aspx

Design a dragon head that could form part of the costume for a dragon dance. Make sure your design is colourful and ornate.
SHOULDDesign a dragon head that could form part of the costume for a dragon dance. Add additional features to your dragon head design including streamers, big eyes, fangs, horns etc. Make a list of resources you might need to create your dragon head
COULDMake your dragon’s head out of boxes and add a range of materials to bring it to life!
Extension ActivitiesFind out why the dragon is an important part of Chinese culture.

I hope you have a great half term. Keep safe and enjoy.