Learning Activities for Thursday

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you have been keeping safe and warm. How are those snowmen you built going? Melting? Staying? Been added too?

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Exploring root words  
Main inputExplore root words by starting with the words below and seeing how many more words you can make beginning with the root word eg. Peace,- peaceful, peacefully.

Using the words you created, choose one word from each group e.g. peace, peaceful, peacefully, and put it into a sentence; e.g. The baby slept peacefully in her cot.
SHOULDUsing the words you created, choose one word from each group e.g. peace, peaceful, peacefully, and put it into a sentence include adjectives, join your letters and remember correct punctuation; e.g. The tiny baby slept peacefully in her new cot.
COULDUse a dictionary to find some more root words. Challenge yourself or others to find a certain amount e.g. 10 or 20 root words.
Extension Activity IdeasTake one of the root words, for example “friend”-Write it in bubble writing and around it write all the new words you found/can think of.


Learning Objective/Focus:Measuring in cm and m
Main inputDiscuss accuracy of measuring. What will you need to do? How will you ensure it is accurate?   Practically undertake some measuring together. You will need a tape measure.  
The height of your bed.
The perimeter of your favourite book.
The height of a table.
The length of a pencil.
The circumference of your head.
The length of your foot.  

Think about how you will record these measurements- for example 63cm or 0.63m. Both ways are correct. Put your measurements in order from shortest to longest.
SHOULDFind 6 more things to measure. Consider when we need to take measurements in the home/garden. What might they be for? Make a list of the different things you might need to measure.
COULDUse the tape measure to measure parts of your body. E.g. the length of your arm, leg, hand span, height from head to toe…. Record these in a table.
You could create a table with the measurements of everyone in your household.
Extension Activity IdeasMeasure other people in your family- is the person with the longest leg measurement, the tallest?  

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Write a “Thank you” prayer
Main inputThink of all the things for which we are grateful e.g.  People who help us, food, homes, possessions….
Write a ‘Thank you’ prayer including illustrations.
SHOULDWrite a ‘Thank you’ prayer which should be at least 5 sentences long. Try and include different things you are thankful for.
COULDWrite a ‘Thank you’ prayer, include ideas about the environment and contain messages about caring for the world.
 Extension Activity IdeasYou could write an acrostic poem using the letters of the word “Thank you” to begin each line.
You might consider writing a thank you letter or card to someone for something you identified you were thankful for.

I hope you have a great day.