Learning Activities for Thursday

Good Morning Class 1,

I hope you have been having a great week so far.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To identify rhyming words.
Main input (explanation)Talk about rhyme. What does rhyme mean? Can you think of some examples together?

Choose to explore either phoneme of the day and complete the activities on the slides.
SHOULDRead the poem, then choose the rhyming words to complete the blanks.  
Monkey is funny, he swings from a tree,
His tail helps him balance, he’s gentle as can _____. With a long curly tail and fur on his back,
He eats bananas and nuts for a quick, healthy ________  
Choose the rhyming words to complete the poem.   be, snack, see, black, knee, pack.  
Try to write the poem with the missing words.    
COULDChoose your own rhyming words to finish the poem.
Tiger has fur with stripes that are black,
With sharp, pointy claws; orange fur on __________. His teeth are all jagged, he loves to eat meat,
With a long, stripy tail and pads on his _______.
Extension Activity IdeasCreate your own rhyming poem about an animal.


Learning Objective/Focus:To subtract by counting back.
Main input (explanation)When subtracting (taking away) we can find how many are left by counting backwards from the highest number. So to answer 5-2 we would count 2 back from 5, by putting 5 in our head and counting backwards 2 steps.

Ask an adult to help with this activity.
Ask your adult to put up to 10 small items on a tray. Count the items. Your adult can then cover the tray and carefully remove some of the items and put them by the side of the tray. How many did they take away? Count back from your starting number (counting the removed items) to find out how many are left on the tray.
SHOULDDraw a number line from 0-20.
Use the number line to count back to find the answer to the following questions. Remember to start from the highest number and count backwards!  
There were 5 children in the park. 3 went home. How many children were left in the park?  
There are 12 socks on a washing line and 5 blow away. How many are left?
COULDUse a number line and count back to answer the questions.  
7-4 =  
Start from 8 and count back 5. What is your answer? Start from 5 and count back 5. What is your answer? Which two calculations have the same answer?
How do you know?
Extension Activity IdeasForgetful Freddie has 10 marbles he lost 6.  
He counted back on his fingers and got to 5.  
What mistake did he make?  
How many marbles did he really have left?

Foundation subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To experiment with different sounds.
Main input (explanation)Collect some recycled materials to make a shaker.   You will need: Plastic bottle, yoghurt pot or other containers, coloured paper, stickers, dried rice (or other fillings such as dried pasta or lentils).

Fill the empty pot or bottle with some dried fillings to make the rattle sound. Cover the open end of the pot or bottle with paper or another container. Secure in place with sticky tape. Surround the shaker with coloured paper and stickers.  
Experiment with using your shaker to make sounds. You could try moving it in different ways such as rolling it, or shaking it sideways.  
Does the sound change?
SHOULDUse your instrument to create your own tune or song.
COULDExperiment with different containers and fillings to see what different sounds the shakers make.
Extension Activity IdeasCreate your own musical instrument.   Will you bang it, blow it, strum it or shake it?

Happy music making!