Learning Activities for Wednesday

Good Morning,

I hope you managed to undertake the muddy investigation yesterday, although I’m not sure you would have been able to get under all that snow. Please make sure you are keeping safe in the snow.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To write about an activity.
Main input (explanation)Think back to yesterday’s mud pie experiment. Discuss what you did, what you found and what you enjoyed about it.

Choose to explore either phoneme of the day and complete the activities on the slides.
SHOULDWrite about what you did for your mud pie experiment. Remember to use capital letters at the start of a sentence, finger spaces and full stops.
COULDWrite about what you did, what you found and what you enjoyed about the experiment. Remember to use capital letters at the start of a sentence, finger spaces and full stops.  
Try to use ‘and’ in your writing.
Extension Activity IdeasExplore the use of ‘because’ in your writing.


Learning Objective/Focus:To add by counting on.
Main input (explanation)When adding two numbers we can find the total amount by counting on from the highest number. So to answer 5 + 3 we would count on 3 more from 5.

Use objects to count on to answer these questions.  
There are 4 sheep in a pen. The farmer adds 2 more sheep. How many sheep are there altogether?  
I have 4  balls and a friend gives me 3 more. How many do I have now?
SHOULDDraw a number line from 0-20.
Use the number line to count on to find the answer to the questions. Start by finding the highest number then count on the lowest number that is being added.  
There are 7 children in a park. Then 5 more children come to the park. How many children are in the park now?  
There are 11 sheep in a pen. The farmer adds another 5 sheep. How many sheep are in the pen altogether?    
COULDCan you count on by holding the highest number in your head?  
So to find 6 + 3   Put the number 6 in your head and count on using 3 objects/fingers etc.  
Try these;
7 + 5=  
6 + 7=  
5 + 8 =  
11 + 7=  
15 + 3 =
Extension Activity IdeasFarmer James has 4 sacks in the barn. Altogether he has 16 sacks. How many sacks are outside the barn?   16, 14, 11, 13 or 12.  
Write the addition sentence.  
Can you make up your own problem that involves counting on?

Foundation subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To practice moving and walking in different ways.
Main input (explanation)Talk about walking and moving in the different ways below.

Walk on tiptoes.
Try walking on your tiptoes at normal walking speed.
• Now go slowly.
• Try moving on your tiptoes quickly, taking small light steps.
• Can you move like a ballerina on your tiptoes?
Move sideways in one direction with your feet facing forwards.
• Stay nice and light on the balls of your feet.
• Try sidestepping in the other direction as well.
SHOULDMonkey walk.
Walk on all fours like a monkey moving forwards.
• Can you walk backwards on all fours too?
• What about moving side to side like a chimpanzee?
Giant steps.
Imagine you are a giant and take massive footsteps! • How far can you go with one giant footstep?
• How many steps does it take you to get from one side of the room or garden to the other?  
Take off with two feet and land with two feet.
– Try jumping on the spot, making sure you land safely by cushioning with slightly bent knees and feet apart.
– Now try jumping forwards.
– How far can you jump?
– How quickly can you jump?     
COULDWalking Backwards.
Walking backwards is harder than walking forwards. It also helps with balance.
How quickly can you walk backwards?
Remember to look behind you to see where you are going!
Crab Walk.
This is a great workout for your whole body!
Sit on the floor and put your hands on the ground behind you.
Lift your hips up off the ground so that you are on all fours but with your tummy facing upwards.
Now try moving on your hands and feet.
Can you move forwards, backwards and side to side?
Extension Activity IdeasMake up your own interesting, weird and wonderful way to walk. Teach it to someone else.

I hope you have a great day.