Learning Activities for Monday

Good Morning Class 2,

I hope you had a great weekend and managed to stay warm.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Non-fiction reading Designing an environmental poster
Main inputLook at: “A Planet full of Plastic” By Neal Layton. This BBC link reads and discusses the book: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/live-lessons/literacy-ks2-lesson-1/zhb78hv
If you are unable to access this link then find out as much as you can about plastic, its uses and what happens to it after we have used it by researching using the internet, books and/or asking others.
Find out how this affects the oceans.

Make a list of all the things you can see at home that are made of plastic. Do all the items have to be made of plastic? Can you think of alternative materials that could have been used?
SHOULDCome up with a slogan to encourage people to be more environmentally aware. (A slogan is a short catchy phrase that catches people’s attention)
COULDUse your slogan to create a poster that will catch people’s attention and encourage them to change their behaviour. Please send us your poster to display at school.
Extension Activity IdeasMake a list of all the things you think that you or others could do to help the planet.


Learning Objective/Focus:Finding the perimeter of a 2D shape
Main inputThe perimeter is the distance around a 2D shape. This BBC clip explains it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvmxsbk/articles/zsr4k7h

Measure the perimeter of at least 5 things around your home and garden. Record your findings in a table. Don’t forget to give the units.
SHOULDAs above, but also use some squared or dotty paper and a ruler to draw the following shapes and measure the perimeter: A square with 3 cm sidesA square with 10cm sidesA rectangle measuring 14cmx 8cm Draw some shapes of your own and measure the perimeter. Don’t forget the units!
COULDHopefully you have worked out by now that you do not need to actually measure a shape all the way round in order to calculate its perimeter. All you need are its dimensions. Work out the answers to the following problems: Find the perimeter of a pentagon when each side is 20cm. I need to buy enough fencing to go all around my rectangular garden. The garden is 30m long and 4m wide. How much fencing will I need? How long is each side of a square if the perimeter is 100cm?
Extension Activity IdeasSolve the attached Perimeter Word Problems.

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Plastic
Main inputContinuing on from the reading of “A Planet Full of Plastic” in English or your research, we are going to investigate the use of plastic in more detail. If you can, please download the attached PowerPoint; “The Problem With Plastic”.

Write three positive statements about plastic. Write three problems caused by plastic.
SHOULDExplain some ways in which people can make changes to help the environment.
COULDExplain how the manufacture of plastics is a concern and what effects they have on the environment.
 Extension Activity IdeasWrite a letter to your MP about the use of plastics and the effect they have on the environment. Remember to include: An introduction setting out the purpose of your letter, Details which are organized into paragraphs, A conclusion stating what you believe should happen next. Remember this is a formal letter, so choose your vocabulary wisely.

Wishing you a great day.