Learning Activities for Monday

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend and managed to stay warm and safe.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To join sentences using ‘and’.
Main input (explanation)Use the PowerPoint to talk about and explore the use of word ‘and’ to join sentences/ideas together.  

Choose to explore either the phonemes of the day and complete the activities on the slides.
SHOULDJoin the sentences using ‘and’.  
She ate some cake. It was very tasty.  
The children worked very hard. Their teacher was proud.  
Granny bought some cupcakes. Everyone loved them.  
Try to create some examples of your own. i.e. two sentences separated and then together.
COULDFinish these sentences.
I painted a picture and …  
I love Jelly and …  
I got up early and …      
Extension Activity IdeasWrite your own sentence using and.   Find sentences from your favourite books which use and


Learning Objective/Focus:To find half of an amount.
Main input (explanation)To find half of an amount it needs to be shared / divided into 2 equal groups. Use the PowerPoint to help.

Equally share 4 objects between 2 people in your house.   How many does each person get?   Remember each person should have the same amount!  
What about if you share 10 objects?  
Explore different amounts.
SHOULDUsing objects to help you, can you half the following amounts?  
What do you notice?  
COULDAnswer the following questions.  
There were 14 candles on a cake. Half of them were blown out. How many candles were blown out?  
Ben is 12 years old. Annie is half his age. How old is Annie?  
Extension Activity IdeasChoose some amounts to find half of.  
Can you complete the sentence for each number? The whole is…. Half of ….. is …..

Foundation subjects

subjectDesign technology.
Learning Objective/Focus:To create a structure.
Main input (explanation)Encourage the child to think creatively to create a book stand using a piece of paper.

Can you make a stand strong enough to hold a book using an A4 sheet of paper?   You can roll, fold or cut the paper and use tape to keep the structure together.
SHOULDTest your design. How long can it hold a book?    
COULDTest your structure using different size books how long can your stand hold each book?   Does the length of time change with different size and weight books?
Extension Activity IdeasInvestigate which stand creations hold the book highest off the table.

Happy exploring. I cannot wait to see your book stands from a piece of paper – I’m planning mine now!