Learning Activities for Monday

Good morning, hope you all had a brilliant weekend and it wasn’t too cold for you. Below are some activities for Monday:


Learning Objective/Focus: Reading comprehension focus: Chapter Chapter 10: The White Prince and Chapter 11: A Miracle, A Miracle!

Main input: Access the PowerPoint for Monday.

Listen to The Butterfly Lion – if you have a copy of the book follow along. Answer relevant questions using sentences and consider your handwriting.

Activities: Must: Complete all vocabulary and retrieval questions.

Should: As above and complete explanation questions.

Could: As above then complete prediction questions.

Extension: Complete the summarise part of the task.


Learning Objective/Focus: Find a rule – one step.

Main input: See PowerPoint.

Activities: Must: Fluency activity.

Should: Reasoning activity.

Could: Problem Solving activity.

Extension: Ilara puts a number into the function machine.

Input — ÷2 — Output

Ilara’s number is:

– A factor of 32

– A multiple of 8

– A square number

What is Ilara’s input?

What is her output? Can you create your own clues for the numbers you put into a function machine for a family member to solve?


Learning Objective/Focus: To describe and understand key aspects of human geography, including: types of settlement and land use.

Main input: Bertie was born in Timbavati Game Reserve in Africa. Look at its history and current work.


This link will help you to find out more about Timbavati.

Activities: Must: Research the place ‘Timbavati’, where Bertie was born. What is the environment like there? Who lives there? What is there to do in the local area?

Should: As above but include how is it similar / different to where you were born?

Could: Draw a map of the compound where Bertie grows up.

Extension: Find out about the weather in Timbavati. How does it compare to where you live?

Have a great day and remember to send in your work for us to share.