Learning Activities for Friday

Good Morning Class 1,

It’s Friday! I hope you have had a great week.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To explain what you liked about a book and why.
Main input (explanation)To be able to explain what they like about a book and why.  

Use the PowerPoint to find out todays phonemes and activities.
SHOULDTalk about a book you have enjoyed reading/ are currently reading and explain why you enjoyed it.
COULDWrite a book review of a book you have enjoyed reading. Include the book title, author, what you liked about the book and why?
Extension Activity IdeasWrite a short description of what the book is about.


Learning Objective/Focus:To find half and a quarter.
Main input (explanation)Take a sheet of paper and explain it is the whole.   Now ask your child to fold the paper into 4 equal parts.   Explain that each part is one quarter and you need 4 quarters to make a whole. You may wish to recap half from yesterday as part of the process of folding into quarters.

Practice folding/ cutting other objects into quarters. I.e. slice of bread, cake, biscuits, triangles, circles, squares etc
SHOULDPractice making quarter turns.   Can you make a quarter turn clock wise?   Can you make a quarter turn anti-clockwise? What happens to shapes when you turn them a quarter clockwise? What about when you turn them a quarter ant-clockwise? Are they the same?
COULDDraw some shapes and draw lines to show quarters. Make sure all parts are of equal size. Challenge the children to colour in one quarter only, then two quarters, three quarters. What do they notice?
Extension Activity IdeasExplore recording fractions in numerals i.e. 1/2 what does it mean? (The whole was cut into 2 pieces and I have 1 of those 2 pieces). Challenge the children to colour in fractions of shapes i.e. colour in 1/4 of the square, colour in 3/4 of the rectangle.

Foundation subjects

SubjectDesign technology
Learning Objective/Focus:To create a product.
Main input (explanation)Discuss creating a hanging mobile. Make a list together of what you will need.  

Create a hanging mobile using strips of paper/ card to create a fraction wall which shows 1 (whole) and how many halves make 1 (whole).
SHOULDCan you use your mobile to show how many quarters make 1 (whole). Try adding other fractions.
COULDUse colours to colour code your fractions.
Extension Activity IdeasUse old boxes and packaging to make your own hanging mobile.

I hope you have a great weekend.