Learning Activities for Friday

Good Morning,

Here we are at Friday again. I hope you have had a great week and that you enjoy your weekend.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Write a Winter Senses poem
Main inputIf weather allows, go for a walk, looking, listening and so on. Remember all the things you’ve seen and heard, even things you have smelt!

Write a poem about Winter. Try to include alliteration, a simile and interesting vocabulary.
SHOULDWrite a Winter poem including things from your walk. Think about the different senses – can you include something about each sense?
Include a range of adjectives and adverbs.
COULDWrite a rhyming poem about Winter.
Extension Activity IdeasIllustrate your best copy and send it to us for display.


Learning Objective/Focus:Revision of money
Main inputAsk a grown up for a mixture of coins, about 20 coins in total, or empty your piggy bank. Talk through the different coins which could be within the mixture E.g. 1p, 2p, 5p etc

Remove 3 coins and find their total. Keep a record each time. Do this 5 times.  Try removing 4 coins and total. Write your amount in 2 ways E.g.  67p    £0.67
SHOULD Challenge yourself to find the total of 6 random coins, then 7 and so on.
COULDFind the total of a range of coins and round each total to the nearest 10p. Then explore rounding each total to the nearest pound.
Extension Activity IdeasInvent a board game involving money.

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Observational drawing
Main inputDiscuss observational drawing of a dining room chair. What can you see? What details are there? What will you need to include? Where will you start?

Draw the chair from the side. Remember to sketch what you can see.
SHOULDLook at straight and curved lines. Look at proportion, shape and shading. Ensure that your drawing includes these features.
COULDDo a second drawing by changing the angle of your sketch E.g draw the chair from the back.
Extension Activity IdeasDesign a throne for a King or Queen.

Have fun and enjoy your weekend.