Learning Activities for Thursday

Good Morning,

I hope you had fun exploring yesterday.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To identify rhyming words.
Main input (explanation)To match and find rhyming words.

Use the PowerPoint to find out todays phonemes and activities.
SHOULDBelow is a list of words – can you match the rhyming pairs? You might like to write the words or ask an adult to write them for you.  
Cat, kitten, dog, bunny, fish, snake, mouse, rat, parrot, lizard, log, dish, house, mat, mitten, carrot, wizard, hat, cake, money.  
COULDThink of your own rhyming words for the words below.  
Dog, Money, Knight, Wish, Cat, Hair.    
Extension Activity IdeasCreate your own rhyming pairs.


Learning Objective/Focus:To find a half.
Main input (explanation)Take a sheet of paper explain it is 1 sheet of paper and it is the whole.   Next ask your child to fold the paper in half neatly. Open the paper and discuss how many parts the paper is folded into.   Explain that each part is a half and that 2 halves make 1 whole.

Practice folding / cutting other objects into halves. I.e. slice of bread, cake, biscuits, triangles, circles, squares etc
SHOULDCan you practice making half a turn?   When you make half a turn you will face the opposite direction to the way you started.   Can you make half a turn clockwise?   Can you make half a turn anti-clockwise? Can you turn shapes half a turn? What do they now look like?
COULDDraw some shapes and draw a line to show half. Make sure they are of equal size.
Extension Activity IdeasExplore different fractions. Explore writing different fractions.

Foundation subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To identify healthy and unhealthy foods.
Main input (explanation)To keep ourselves healthy it is important to eat a balanced diet. This means we should eat plenty of healthy foods and only occasionally eat foods which are unhealthy. Eating too many unhealthy foods can make us overweight and not feel good. We should also drink lots of water.   Can you think of some foods which are healthy? Here are a few; Fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, milk eggs and cheese.   How about some that are unhealthy? Here are a few? Crisps, chips, chocolate and cake.

Have a look in your cupboards at home – can you find some different food items and sort them into groups of healthy and unhealthy foods.
SHOULDCreate a food diary for the next two days.   Look carefully at your list. Which of the foods you have eaten are healthy and which are unhealthy?   Have you been drinking plenty of water?  
COULDDesign a healthy lunch box. What would you include? Draw your healthy lunch.
Extension Activity IdeasWith an adult plan a healthy meal you would like to eat and help make it.

I look forward to seeing all your lovely learning. Have fun cutting things in half.