Learning Activities for Thursday

Good morning, hope you are having a good week so far. Below are some learning activities for today:


Learning Objective/Focus: Reading comprehension focus: Chapter 6: The Frenchman and Chapter 7: Strawbridge.

Main input: Access the PowerPoint for Thursday.

Listen to The Butterfly Lion – if you have a copy of the book follow along. Answer relevant questions using sentences and consider your handwriting.

Activities: Must: Complete all vocabulary and retrieval questions.

Should: As above and complete explanation questions.

Could: As above then complete prediction questions.

Extension: Complete the summarise part of the task.


Learning Objective/Focus: Percentage of an amount part 2.

Main input: See PowerPoint.

Activities: Must: Fluency activity.

Should: Reasoning activity.

Could: Problem Solving activity.

Extension: How many ways can you find 45% of 60?

Use similar strategies to find 60% of 45.

What do you notice?

Does this always happen? Can you find more examples?


Learning Objective/Focus: To recognise that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things.

Main input: Bertie’s mum is often sick with malaria.

Activities: Must: Research the disease. Present information in any format you wish to use.

Should: What are the causes / symptoms / treatment for it?

Could: Research World Malaria Day and present information using PowerPoint or design a poster to present information.

Extension: Draw a Malaria Transmission Cycle.

Hope you enjoy today and remember to try to get out and have a walk.