Learning Activities for Wednesday

Morning Class 1,

I hope you have been enjoying your week so far.

Below are some learning activities ideas for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To retell a story.
Main input (explanation)This week’s story is Six Dinner Sid. Use the address below to listen to the story! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XAdTJCtgTs
Use the story to complete the activities below.

Use the PowerPoint to find out todays phonemes and activities.
SHOULDCan you retell the story or act out the story or parts of the story? You might want to use puppets, yourselves or even your cuddly toys to help you.
COULDDraw your own pictures to retell the story. Try and put the pictures into the correct order.
Extension Activity IdeasAdd a sentence to each of your pictures to explain what is happening in each part of the story.


Learning Objective/Focus:To follow and give directions using clockwise and anti-clockwise.
Main input (explanation)With your child look at the hands on an analogue clock.   Talk to them about the direction which the hands move around the clock.   We call this clockwise.   Turns made in the opposite direction are anti- clockwise. Get your child to practice turning clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Can you follow the moves?  
Step forwards then backwards.
Turn clockwise.
Jump to the left then slide to the right.
Bend down and touch your toes.
Stand up straight and turn anti-clockwise.
Skip to the left and turn clockwise.
Then hop to the right and turn anti-clockwise.
SHOULDDraw 2 circles, can you draw an arrow on one to show which direction is clockwise and draw an arrow on the other to show anti-clockwise. Use these circles to give someone directions to move.
COULDHave a treasure hunt, use directions to guide someone else to the hidden treasure. Then swap and you follow the directions. Remember to include clockwise and anti-clockwise turns.
Extension Activity IdeasCreate your own treasure map. Mark on it a starting point and X to mark the treasure. Can you give directions to get to the treasure? Can you write the directions?

Foundation subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To use different movements and positional language.
Main input (explanation)Talk about moving in different ways and use positional language to explain those movements.

Play ‘Simon says.’   Use lots of directions and positions in your instructions.  Include clockwise and anti-clockwise from Maths. 
SHOULDCreate an obstacle course that you can go through, over, under, forwards and backwards.   Give someone else directions to get through the obstacle course.
COULDUse the link below to do some yoga based on the book “We’re going on a bear hunt”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAT5NiWHFIU
Extension Activity IdeasMake up a dance to your favourite song. Teach your dance to someone else.
Try Andy’s Wild Workouts on BBC iplayer.

Happy exploring!