Learning Activities for Tuesday

Good Morning Class 2,

I hope you had a great day yesterday.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today. Remember you do not have to do them all, they are ideas for you to think about, choose from and perhaps even get creative and adapt for yourself.


Learning Objective/Focus:Handwriting/poetry
Main inputFind the poem you performed two weeks ago  and re read it.

Write a poem in your very best handwriting on lined paper, taking care to spell all the words carefully. You may want to write out the poem you performed previously.
SHOULDAs above, but decorate the poem as well. Try and include images which will help the read understand the poem.
COULDPick some interesting or descriptive words from your poem and write down five synonyms (the same or nearly the same word – having the same meaning) and antonyms (a word opposite in meaning) for those words.
Extension Activity IdeasTry and use the new words you have found, in either a short poem or description.


Learning Objective/Focus:Triangle investigation
Main inputIdeally you need some match sticks or cocktail sticks for this investigation; but if you don’t have any, you can just draw.

Make one small triangle using 3 matches/lollipop sticks/straws. Make it into 4 small triangles using 9 matches/lollipop sticks/straws. (see images below)
Add two more rows. How many matches/sticks/straws do you need and how many triangles did you make? Is there a connection?  
SHOULDContinue the pattern as above and devise a table to show your results. Can you see a pattern?
COULDSee if you can predict the number of triangles and matches needed for the rows you have not drawn
Extension Activity IdeasChoose another shape which you think might make number patterns as they grow and do a similar investigation.

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Create an accompaniment
Main inputFind the poem you used for English or choose a different one if you prefer.

Perform your poem with a rhythmic accompaniment. That could be as simple as just clapping to the beat or you could use spoons or saucepans or anything else you can find at home.
SHOULDUse the rhythms of one or two important words in the poem and create an ostinato (a repeated pattern) to accompany your poem.
COULDCreate a sound picture to enhance your poem by creating an atmosphere using things you have at home that make a sound; eg rice and beans in a cup, bottles with water in them. String in the bottom of a cup, water etc I wonder what you will think of.
Extension Activity IdeasRecord your performance and send it to us.

We look forward to seeing your performances and finding out which poems you chose.